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21st February, 1979


Place of birth:
Waco, Texas


Auburn (it's long too)

Pat & Tom




Born on the 21st February, 1979, to Pat and Tom Hewitt, Jennifer was from very early on a performer. Even at the age of three she was singing on stage at a dinner club.

She began dance lessons two years later at the age of five. Jennifer later found herself touring with the Texas Show Team around the U.S.S.R and Denmark when she was nine. One year later she was picked up by L.A Gear, as their worldwide spokesperson, again traveling the world.

It was also around this time that her family moved to Los Angeles, where she won a spot on some Mattel commercials.

In 1989 Jennifer scored a starring role in Kids Incorporated (we all remember it), and played the character Robin (who was one of the singers in the band) through to 1991, until she left the show for a new role in "Shaky Ground", which unfortunately only lasted one season.

Along with her Kids Inc. costars she also performed in front of the United Nations, singing "Please Save Us a World", an honour indeed. The 1992 Earth Summit would also see her appointed a Youth Ambassador, in which the same piece of music was the theme song.

In 1991 she made the "Dance! Workout with Barbie" video in which she sang, and in 1992 she made her foray into the movie business, making the picture "Munchies". She also appeared in various pilots during these years, but none ever saw the light of day.

Also in 1992, she released her debut album in Japan and Europe, aptly named "Love Songs".

In 1993 Jennifer costarred in the tele-movie "Little Miss Millions", and that same year scored a role in the big screen smash "Sister Act 2" as Margaret, again showing off her singing talents.

A role in another television series followed in 1994, as Franny Bryd in "Byrds of Paradise" and also appeared in the series "McKenna" for a few episodes.

Her second album was released in 1995, this time to American audiences. That same year she also won a role on "Party of Five", as Sarah Reeves, a role that would launch her career into the big time.

In 1996 she returned to movies, playing Brooke Figler in "House Arrest", and she also released her third album. "Trojan War" was her next film in 1997, closely followed by the big screen smash film "I Know What You Did Last Summer", in which she played Julie James. The movie's exposure also meant that Jennifer's name would be on every directors tongue from that point on.

In 1998, she released three films, "Can't Hardly Wait", in which she played the high-school beauty Amanda Beckett, and "Telling You", as Deb Friedman. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer enjoyed moderate success at the box office, with Jennifer taking up her role as Julie James.

Her future in movies looks bright indeed, with "The Suburbans" due out in 1999, and another movie that Jennifer is also executive producing and thought of called "Cupid's Love". In 2000 Jennifer will star in the sci-fi Romero film "Resident Evil", based on the video games of the same name.

Since she as aspirations to one day be a child psychologist, making movies may not always be her priority in life, but let us all hope that the movies keep coming never the less..

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